192.168 2 l – Login

192.168 2 l – BELKIN is one of the leading manufacturers of routers and modems that allows each user to have their own home network. Each router or modem comes with an installation CD which is there to make it as simple as possible. However, if you do not have the CD, you have nothing to fear. Belkin routers, as well as routers from other manufacturers, have an integrated web-based utility that can be easily accessed with the router’s default IP address. Generally, Belkin uses the private IP address for this purpose, but in some cases another IP is used, which can be verified in a few steps.
How to check if is the default IP

While some models have the default IP address printed on a label, you can also type in the browser address bar to check this. If the login page opens, you have the correct IP, otherwise do the following.

1. Start the command prompt. Type CMD in the Run on Windows field to do so.

2. When the Prompt command opens, type ipconfig and press the Enter button on the keyboard.

3. Between all the lines that will be listed after you do this, in the command prompt, locate the default gateway. The numbers shown here represent the IP of the default router which should be If you see other numbers at the end like 0.1 or 1.1, use that IP instead and enter them in the address bar. The login window will open. Try the default username and password to log in or contact your ISP if you do not have these details.
Why and how to connect to your router

You may be wondering why, in the world, would you want to access your router’s settings. Well, besides the reason mentioned above, to configure your router, there are also other things you can do:

– secure your Belkin router

– activate wireless internet

– change the name of the network

– change the default IP address

– change the default username and password

– use MAC filtering

– for returning port, etc.

To connect to your Belkin router, you must have the following:

Belkin menu

– a physical connection to the router. Use an Ethernet cable for this.

– the IP address of the correct router

– the default username and password. Belkin does not typically configure a default user name and password. They are configured during the initial configuration process. So, for the first time, leave both fields blank. If access to the Router’s Web Utility is denied, contact your ISP for details.

And now the connection process. Type the default IP in the address bar, leave the user name / password fields blank, press the login button and you are there. Check the menu for all available options, but do not play too much with them. If you are going to change the default username and password, make sure to save the new ones in a safe place, in case.